Saturday, May 7, 2011

the subject i detest!!

oh no!!.."i love mathematics"..remember that,love mathematics in a bracket oke..ahahah..Mathematics has always been a problem for me,and i am very sure that it is in the case with many pupils throughout the country n probably throughout the world.Mathematics has been dreaded subject since we started learning geometry,algebra n other branches of mathematics where symbols n complex technical terms n formulae r used..huh!!

i have no problem with fact,i cant still remember the time when i gleefully recited n memorised the multiplication table.Addition,subtraction,multiplication n division pose no problems for me n i agree that they r essential for everyday life..Imagine a shopkeeper who cannot do simple arithmetic or a shopper who cannot do simple additions to see if he has sufficient money to buy the items he wants.arithmetic,therefore is necessary in daily life.

but......what about the other branches of mathematics that require memorising all the different formulae n technical terms????tell me,who used sine,cosine,n tangent in everyday quadratic equations that many would soon forget the moment they live school??

regardless of my deep resentment for this subject,the fact remains that mathematics constitute a very important part of the school curriculum.i cannot afford to fail this subject as it would not help my results in university soon becoz i've ready took a major course in BAHASA..So,there r not mathematics subject anymore..oh yeah!!..So,i have to bite the bullet n put the extra effort to pass in BAHASA not MATHEMATICS..kikiki..