Tuesday, June 21, 2011

pengalaman yg menyakitkan!!!!! poisoning

oh no!!..hakhak..first of all,i need to wish thank you so much 4 my luv bcoz he had posted my blog on his least,ad hati jugak nk post some entry kt cni,kikibah!!..blablabla..okeh,back to my n make it as our reminder n motivation okeh..sbb dah lme x update blog n xde idea nk post ape,so aq ase nk post something n share pengalaman aq kt cni..hoho..

   that day,my friends and i went to a roadside food stall for a light meal after badminton practice in school.My three friends odered some chapatis,while i'm alone odered a plate of fried mee.The mee tasted slightly odd but all the same,i finished the whole plate of mee.After our meal,we ordered four glasses of teh tarik and spent some twenty minutes in idle talk before going on our separate ways.

   When i reached home,i felt a churning sensation in my stomach and i had to rush to the toilet to relieve myself.I did not suspect anything wa wrong with me then.But two hours later,the lavatory beckoned me again and by late evening,i must have relieved myself atleast five times.I began to feel sharp abdominal pains,and also felt weak and nauseous.By then i knew that i was ill and i asked mom to bring me to the clinic..

   At the clinic,the doctor ran some tests on me and asked me several questions.Finally,he diagnosed my ailment as food poisoning.He prescribed a course of medication and a strict diet to follow.He told me not to take solid food for two days and asked me to drink plenty of water.he also gave me medical leave for four days and asked me to rest and recuperate at home..

   that night and the rest of the following day,i was miserable and felt feverish and still had to visit the bathroom several times.My condition improved considerably on the third day and mother allowed me to eat a bowl of rice with some vegetables.

   After completing the course of medication and adhering to the diet advised by the doctor,i recovered completely on the fourth day.Though i still felt a little weak,i was able to return to school after the edn of four days of medical leave.

   Since that day,i have always been very careful of the food i eat."once bitten,twice shy" is an old adage and it si very apt in my case for having experienced food poisoning once,i do not intend to relive the experience ever again...huhh!!!!..

   hmm,that's all..sorry if i have done some grammar mistakes there..enjoy some pic below okeh..tatatitututu..