Wednesday, October 12, 2011

either family day or character buildings

   assalamualaikum to all the bloggers here..hopefully you are in a pink of health and having a cheers day today..=)..on this lately evening,i just need to get a confirmation regarding with the title that i've post above..that is about family day that is been handle by a group of intreprenuership course and character building that is been handle by the counselling club of uum,means our counsellor of uum..both of these programmes are very important for me,but they will be held on the same day in a month of,i need to choose either family day programme or character building programme..please give me the answer as soon as possible!!!

   for sure i'm totally think that character buidings is the most important programme compared with the family day programme..this is because,i'm sure i will get some important knowlegdements if i'm enjoying that programme..last week,i asked some of the seniors in my course about this but they said they will confirm it later which one students in semester 1 should be join,either family day programme or character buldings programme 5.00 p.m just now,all of the intreprenuership course in semester one have got a message from the senior about this..we have been noticed to enjoy the family day programme..

   oh no!! i'm really disagree with that,huh...huaaaa,i need to go to the character buildings la kakak2 n abg2 senior..please understand our situation..why we are supposed to go at the family day??? tell me which one is very important to us?either family day or character buldings???which one?please tell us..and what is the benefit if i'm enjoying family day programme??nothing information and knowledgement we will get later rite??for sure this family day just enjoying ourself with the games and activities that are arranged by the senior students..dont force me like this okay..we have our right n our choice...we are not children anymore to be forced,uurrggghhh!!!!

   even u have got the allowance from the HEP,but we have our choice to choose which programmes we want to attend..why the seniors of intreprenuership course are very strict??hurm...juz about the family day,nothing benefit come to us when we attend it compared with the character buidings programme which is give us a lot of information,dont make me feel mad with this issue okay..not only me,but other students from intreprenuership course in semester one told the same like me too..n for ur information,character buldings have 3 moduls to go through..and i've already paid the fees of these moduls..if we are not come for the first modul,we will lost one modul there..

   hurm..ok la,sorry if i'm forced to express my feelings here..just need to share about our right n choices regarding with these ur mind n think properly,we are not children anymore..n other seniors from other courses can understand their juniors why this course did not understand their juniors..hurm..really dissapointed,thank you...:'(