Thursday, May 19, 2011

Why you shOuld nOt smOke??????

hurm..this is the best topic that need to be shared n it also can be ur reminder with this statement that i post especially the smokers at the outside okeh..why u should not smoke??take times to think about that questions..hurm, looks "macho" or feel proud with smoking,rite??oh no!!..i'm not very interested with the answers from the bad smokers either boys or girls..huh!!..really dislike with it!!..

   Despite the fact that government n health agencies throughout the world have campaigned against smoking n have tried to increase the awareness of the harmful effects of cigarette smoke,many people are still smoking..

  why do people smoke??maybe it is becoz the ill effects of smoking is not consciously registered in their mind.There are a lot of reasons why you should not smoke..

  the first reason why u should not smoke is that smoking affects ur health.It is an established fact that smokers lose their physical stamina n endurance.Smokers are unlikely to do well in sports n in a games that require good physical fitness.But that is only the least of it.Smoking can also lead to fatal diseases like lung cancer.

  The second reason is that smoking not only harms the smokers but also harms those around him.There are scientists who contend that passive smoking is even more of a health hazard n actual smoking.So,smokers should not be selfish n smoke in front of nonsmokers n expose them to the harmful effects of cigarette smoke.Besides,nonsmokers do not like the pungent smell of cigarette smoke.

  The final reason that i offer is that smoking is a costly habit.Let us say that the price of a pack of cigarettes remains constant at $3 for the next ten years.Smoking a pack a day is going to cost $1095 a year.In ten years,more than $10,000 would have been puffed up in smoke.Imagine how this money could have been better spent,in buying new clothes,in furthering education or even as the down payment for a new car.

  these are some of the reasons why u should not smoke.If u r a smoker,for the love of yourself,quit smoking.If u r a nonsmoker,remember to emphatically say no when u r offered a stick!!!!...

so,becareful with the affects of the smoking.It not give u any benefits but it will give a bad impact throughout the smoking habits..

ok,thats all..assalamualaikum..

Saturday, May 7, 2011

if i was a millionaire...

Assalamualaikum again..hehe..juz want tO express my feelings tOday if i was a milliOnaire..Oh yeah!!..great tO hear that rite??hurm,if i was a milliOnaire,the first thing i wOuld dO is tO make sure that i make mOney n remain a milliOnaire.Why wOuld i want to dO that?FOr this simple reasOn,that the mOney i have will diminish Over time as i spend it n even a milliOn dOllars will nOt last fOrever.

I wOuld invest a pOrtiOn Of my mOney intO a sOund business that wOuld bring gOOd returns.I wOuld appOint cOmpetent managers tO run this enterprise efficiently n prOfitably n i wOuld Only have to Oversee the OperatiOns frOm time tO time n Only be ready fOr prOblems that cannOt be sOlved at the middle management level n fOr making critical business decisiOns.Then,i wOuld have the time tO devOte my attentiOn tO my Other interests.

firstly,i wOuld build a huge bungalOw On a large piece Of land.this estate wOuld alsO have its Own separate spOrts cOmplex which wOuld hOuse a well-equipped gymnasium,a badmintOn court n a squash cOurt..eew!! berangan je kOt..ahahah..n there wOuld alsO be a swimming pOOl n a tennis cOurt in the estate.With all this spOrts n exercises facilities available within my Own estate,i wOuld never need tO visit public spOrts cOmplexes.

Then,i wOuld like tO travel arOund the wOrld n learn abOut the custOms n cultures of Other cOuntries.i wOuld be wise tO the many different ways Of life n beliefs Of the peOple Of Our wOrld.Since i am alsO very interested in languages,i wOuld hire prOfessiOnal language tutOrs tO teach me fOreign languages.There r prObably thOusands Of languages spOken in the wOrld n there is nO way i wOuld be able tO learnt,let alOne master,all Of them but i wOuld try tO learn as many as i pOssible can.i wOuld learn the classical language Of latin sO that i wOuld be able tO read the wOrks SpinOza n Dante in the Original language.ececece,nyampah..cakap je lebey,ahaha..I wOuld alsO spend time learning the languages of Asia like Chinese,Thai,KOrean,Japanese,Arabic n Hindi..

I wOuld alsO dO sOmething fOr the sOciety.i wOuld set aside a large sum tO assist bright students whO r financially cOnstrained tO further their studies tO the highest level pOssible.I wOuld alsO build a cOmmunity centre tO hOuse such spOrts facilities like badmintOn,squash,tennis n table tennis.There wOuld alsO be an intellectual games rOOm where such thinking games like chess,draughts n bridge can be played.This wOuld be a true cOmmunity centre where all members Of the sOciety,regardless of their race Or religiOus affiliatiOns,cOuld cOngregate tO use the facilities n,in the prOcess Of intermingling,strengthen the bOnds Of racial harmOny.

Finally,i wOuld prOvide funding fOr the bulding halfway hOmes n rehabilitation centres wayward yOuths n drug addicts.the yOuth Of tOday r the leaders Of tOmOrrOw n i wOuld like tO dO my part tO refOrm n educate these unfOrtunate yOungsters tO becOme useful members Of sOciety.

jeng3..soorry if cm terlebey berangan 2 yea.ahaks.n i hOpe that i wOuld becOme a milliOnaire in future sO that,what i hOpe r my nOble ambitiOns,will cOme tO fruitiOn...TATA..(n_n)

the subject i detest!!

oh no!!.."i love mathematics"..remember that,love mathematics in a bracket oke..ahahah..Mathematics has always been a problem for me,and i am very sure that it is in the case with many pupils throughout the country n probably throughout the world.Mathematics has been dreaded subject since we started learning geometry,algebra n other branches of mathematics where symbols n complex technical terms n formulae r used..huh!!

i have no problem with fact,i cant still remember the time when i gleefully recited n memorised the multiplication table.Addition,subtraction,multiplication n division pose no problems for me n i agree that they r essential for everyday life..Imagine a shopkeeper who cannot do simple arithmetic or a shopper who cannot do simple additions to see if he has sufficient money to buy the items he wants.arithmetic,therefore is necessary in daily life.

but......what about the other branches of mathematics that require memorising all the different formulae n technical terms????tell me,who used sine,cosine,n tangent in everyday quadratic equations that many would soon forget the moment they live school??

regardless of my deep resentment for this subject,the fact remains that mathematics constitute a very important part of the school curriculum.i cannot afford to fail this subject as it would not help my results in university soon becoz i've ready took a major course in BAHASA..So,there r not mathematics subject anymore..oh yeah!!..So,i have to bite the bullet n put the extra effort to pass in BAHASA not MATHEMATICS..kikiki..